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Method 1 - Surface area of the base


Lego pieces (all the same mass, size and shape)

Flat board




First of all, gather all of your equipment

Using the same number of cubes for each shape, create 5 different shapes with different surface areas of the bases

Using your ruler, calculate the surface area of the base of one of your shapes (base x height) and record your measurement in the table (cm2)

Next, place the shape you have just measured onto the flat board

Then, slowly tilt the surface upwards

When the object falls/topples over, stop tilting the board and note the angle, using your protractor, of the board from your workstation

Record this result in your table

Now, to make sure that the test is accurate, repeat the test (steps 4-7) using the same shape and surface area of base, so that you have three results for your first shape

Next, repeat the entire investigation (steps 3-9) using a different shape to one of the 5 different ones you created earlier.

Therefore, you should have three results for each of the 5 different surface areas of bases you created earlier. If your results are the same or similar after repeating - your experiment is repeatable

Calculate an average for each of the five objects. To do this, add up the three results from one surface area of base and divide by 3. However, if you have an anomalous result, you must ignore it, and calculate the average of the remaining 2 results. Otherwise - this would result in an inaccurate mean, therefore your averages would not be close to the line of best fit on your graph.

Compare your results with another group and if your results are similar/ the same, your investigation is...