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Coded Nature

Cryptology, the science of encoding the secret parts of civilizations, wars, treaties, nature and also life. Many people in the world are curious about mysteries of past times such as World War II, Egypt. And also the Hollywood is aware of this inquisitive people that they are making movies about cryptology. Pi which is directed by Darren Aronofsky is successful example of these types of films. In this movie director has tried to explain and influence the spectator about the patterns in the nature. His basis suggestion is that "Mathematics is the language of nature."

In the film he created an effective atmosphere by using black-white screen, music, camera actions and details about environment of place. By the help of these things and actresses the spectators are concentrating mentally very easy.

From start to the end of the film, the main character Max Cohen suffers from headache. Simultaneously he is making assumptions about nature, Mathematics and stock market.

While he is living at the middle of this triangle he becomes a schizophrenic person. He is always searching patterns at everywhere. He stands his assumptions to the very popular theory of Fibonacci which is about golden-ratio and perfect square. He thinks that nature established on these squares. So he is searching this pattern in the stock market as the universe of numbers that represents the global economy. In the film, there is an advisor role Sol Robeson, which is Max's teacher, that he is always giving advices Max about his life. He is like a guide for Max in his life.

And there are ants in the film which are very important too. In "Pi (π)" ants are representing the nature. They are living everywhere in the home. First Max doesn't understand the importance of these ants so he...