Piaget Infant Observation

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For this Infant observation paper I observed my cousin Brianna at her house. At the time of observation Brianna was four days short of eight months old. Brianna's parents are my aunt Kami and my uncle Doug. I brought my classmate Tanzie with me and when we arrived my aunt was feeding Brianna, Doug was still at work. The house was very peaceful and inviting when we arrived, there was no background noise, just the sounds of the baby interacting with her mom. There was a couch and a rocking chair in the living room, but the coffee table had been moved to make room for the baby to play. There was a baby jumper in one corner of the room and a contraption they call the "exersaucer" which is a round, revolving, play station with a place for the baby in the middle in the other corner. There were various other toys around the living room and past that is the dining room where Brianna sits at a high chair.

It was a Wednesday evening at 6pm.

Brianna is about twenty pounds and has a tiny bit of light red hair. She seems to express a lot of personality through her facial expression. Kami took her out of her high chair and laid her on the floor to show me her new favorite trick, rolling across the floor. Brianna has not made any real attempts to crawl or to sit up on her own but she has recently discovered that she can travel between her toys by rolling over. When placed on her stomach she rolled over three times to make her way to the toy that I was holding. This seems to be the most recent progression of her developing gross motor skills. Rolling is currently her only...