Piaget's Response to education.

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Education has been influenced by many people, especially Jean Piaget. He proposed a theory of cognitive development of children. He caused a new revolution in thinking about how thinking develops. Piaget observed that children understand concepts and reason differently at different stages, he stated that children's cognitive strategies which are used to solve problems reflect an interaction between the child's current developmental stage and experience in the world. This response assignment will focus on what extent my education was influenced by Piaget's theories and whether or not his ideas are beneficial to education and to knowledge itself. His theories shaped today's education by creating different levels of schooling, creating challenging lessons for classes, and by creating richer learning environments.

Since kindergarten to high school, I believe that Piaget has shaped my education, his concept that children goes through stages, influenced how the school is conducted in today's society.

This meaning that Piaget had a major influence on the different levels of education, for example when we first begin school we go through kindergarten, which if we compare to Piaget's child development theory it would fall under the early Preoperational stage, after kindergarten we go through elementary school (grade 1-5), then junior high (grade 7-8), then high school (grade 9-12), then post-secondary school. Therefore I could say that we spend a lot of our years in school, learning, and understanding concepts that can help us in the 'real world'. When I was in kindergarten basically all I did was play, take naps, colour, interact with my peers, and have fun. But now that I look back, and think about my schooling, I can sense that school wasn't only about fun, it taught me concepts about society through reading book, and playing. It also taught me to...