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The Pianist is a movie about a Polish Jew pianist who lived through the period of unfair treatment of Jews in Europe, otherwise known as the Holocaust. Throughout the movie, strong examples are given to show the horrible treatment and rules that the Germans forced upon the Jewish people. For example, some restaurants would not allow Jewish people to come inside. Later on in the movie, Jewish people were required to wear armbands that they must wear on their right arm. On the armband was the Star of David - the Jewish religious symbol. Jews were slaughtered for no reason besides the fact that they were Jewish. Towards the end of the movie, the Germans start shipping people off to a city - rumors say they are just exterminating - these rumors prove to be true. While most of the Jewish population was taken away and killed, a small portion of them were kept to do manual labor for near to nothing.

The Nazis in the movie were terrible. They killed innocent Jews in huge numbers daily. Jewish people weren't allowed to go certain places, or even walk on the sidewalk - they had to walk in the gutter. Nazis were evil people with no good intensions towards the Jews. They did everything they could to make their lives miserable. One event in the movie that stands out in my mind is when they took the crippled man in the wheelchair and threw him over the balcony.

Some people have criticized Jews for "not fighting back" more against Nazis, this is because they couldn't. They had no money to purchase guns, and even if they did have the money, the Nazis would never let them purchase a gun. In the movie however, the Jews did manage to sneak...