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Part A

Definition - Cardiovascular Endurance is the efficiency with which you are able to get oxygen to the working muscles while removing metabolic wastes during a long slow distance workout

Factors - Capacity of the heart to pump oxygen to the organs and muscles.

- Ability of organs and muscles to utilize oxygen to form energy

Testing - The best test for aerobic fitness is the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) test. As this test can be expensive and time consuming, many other simpler tests have been designed to predict a VO2max score. The many tests for aerobic fitness can be divided into either maximal or submaximal tests.

Stressing the body by exercising to exhaustion, as in the maximal tests, is sometimes not appropriate, therefore the submaximal tests which are less demanding (and also usually less accurate) can be used.


20 meter Shuttle Run Test (beep)

Maximal Oxygen Consumption Test (VO2max)

Run tests for set time or distance


Cycle Tests

Step Tests

Walking Tests

Part B

Overload Principle

;To develop the cardiovascular system, the heart muscle has to be overloaded like any other muscle in the human body.

To better understand how this principle we have to be familiar with four basic principles of exercise:





;Before vigorous exercise, healthy men over age 40 and women over age 50 should undergo a medical exam and a diagnostic exercise stress test.

Frequency of Exercise:

;When starting an exercise program, three to five training sessions per week are recommended.

;When training is conducted more than 5 days a week, further improvements are minimal.

;For individuals on a weight-loss program, 45-60 minute exercise sessions of low to moderate intensity are recommended.

;As few as three 20- to 30-minute training sessions per week, on nonconsecutive days...