Pick a well-known choreographer, who owns his/her own dance company. Attend a performance by this person and create a thesis involving techniques they used.

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Stacey Printz

Imagine the excitement of outstanding choreography, virtuosi dancers, and even live chamber musicians coming together to put on an extraordinary dance performance. This was the scene on November 21 at the Cowell Theatre as Stacey Printz's dance company overwhelmed the audience's expectations with six dynamic pieces, validating her credibility as a woman choreographer. Printz put to rest the notion that female choreographers are less able than men to afford and implement a great performance, by showing her immense creative talent. Every aspect of the evening length work was fulfilled by her drive to out do herself. Printz's use of space, time, and endurance made for a truly spectacular show. Her hard work and dedication shone through, proving that women can work in the same dance world as men choreographers.

The first piece performed by the company was titled "Evolute", and began with dim lighting and the dancers laying on the floor of the stage.

The five dancers appeared to be hiding behind each other, giving the look of only two large dancers on the ground as if they were lizards. The pulsating rhythm began as the bodies started to rise, separating into individual silhouettes. The dancers began to come in contact with each other, but still keeping a sense of individuality. Also on stage was a large prop made of black metal, which resembled snail shaped monkey bars. Soon the dancer inquisitively began slithering all over the prop. Though they each were crawling over and under the bars the snail, they remained as individuals, not distracted by another's movements. It was as if they were searching for comfort ability with themselves. As they became sure of themselves, they began interacting with each other more, intertwining their bodies, seeking comfort or understanding from the other dancers. At first...