The picture of Dorian Gray plot

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Intro to characters, intro to the centrality/importance of Dorian Gray

Lord Henry a bad influence, Dorian is introduced and fascinated by Lord Henry's words. (the concepts of youth, hedonisms) Dorian wishes to stay young forever.

Lord Henry goes to see his uncle (George) to find out more about Dorian Gray. We get to know Dorian's background.

Lord Henry and Dorian have a conversation at Lord Henry's house (before Lord Henry arrived, Dorian was having a conversation with his wife, Victoria). Dorian reveals his love for Sibyl. Foreshadowing of Dorian's crime (he says if he ever did such a thing, he would confess it to Lord Henry). Dorian sends a letter to Lord Henry saying he will marry Sibyl.

Intro to Sibyl, her mother and brother (James Vane). James is very protective of the sister and worried about her being involved with Dorian.

Harry tells Basil that Dorian is getting married.

Dorian comes and talks about his fascination with Sibyl's performance. They go to the theatre.

At the theatre Sibyl performs very badly, Dorian feels betrayed. He goes backstage and he tells her that he doesn't love her anymore. When he goes back home he realizes that the portrait has changed.

Dorian wakes up, Lord Henry comes and informs him about Sibyl's suicide. Dorian blames himself, but Harry convinces him not to feel guilty and to look at it as an achievement of an artistic ideal.

Basil visits Dorian, assuming he would find him heartbroken. Dorian shocks him with his nonchalant attitude (he went to the opera). Basil wants to exhibit the painting, but Dorian refuses to give it to him.

Dorian wants to hide the portrait, and he does so by putting it in the room in the attic.

Obsession with the yellow book (buys many...