Pictures by Jørgen Schytte & Lilian Bolwinkel

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The photo taken by Joergen Schytte is a dark and depressive photo. It pictures a man who is walking pulling some kind of a wagon. His clothes and face is wrinkly, and he looks incredibly tired. The man doesn't really look old, just worn out. It is obvious to see, that with all the machines and materials in the background, the photo was taken in some kind of a factory. It also seems truly dirty and deficiently illuminated. There should be no doubt about the fact that we are here talking about some kind of very physical work, which would be the reason for the man to look so worn out. The photograph taken by Lilian Bolwinkel shows a nice man in his best age sitting at a table, in an office or some kind of conference room.

He has got his right hand on top of two books, and in the left he is holding his glasses. He is wearing a nice suit and definitely looks like a bigwig, hereby I mean that he is working high up in the hierarchy of a business.

The photo to the left have made the working man look very tiny by taking the photo from above, so he is looking up to the camera. Compare this to the other picture and you will see the totally opposite. Here the photo was taken from beneath the gentleman's eyesight so that he appears to be looking down to the camera. Also the man to the left was photographed while pulling a wagon, which is not the most favourable position to get your photo taken in. His bowed back an the fact...