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Charlotte shivered as the trains doors opened, she peered over the top of her glasses to check the station; Piccadilly, She sighed and leaned down to grasp a book from her bag. As she started to read she couldn't help but be distracted by the man sitting opposite her. He was neither especially tall nor handsome but for some reason unknown to Charlotte, she could not take her eyes off him. The man was of high class wearing a simple pinstripe suit; purple cravat and Al Capone style highly polished black shoes. His briefcase sat to the right of him on the next seat was rather large and was securely locked with a large silver padlock. As she took another glance at him she felt that she had seen this man before, while admitting to herself her tired state of mind may be intensifying her paranoid imagination. She quietly giggled to herself and laid her head back to rest.

She took her glasses off and placed them along with her book back in her bag clutched between her legs. The train came to a sudden holt and Charlotte's bag escaped her. She had banged her head on the armrest and felt a trickle of what she knew was blood, from above her left brow. As she looked about to retrieve her possessions she noticed that the man in the pinstripe suit had disappeared. Looking around she could not see any sign of him except his leather suitcase, which now lay on the floor in front of her. She stood up and focused her attention on the fact that doors to the other carriages and platform had not been opened and the windows were tightly barred. As the other passengers came to their senses, a man wearing a yellow neon...