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Love Him or Hate Him

Kristin Brown

Mr. Jeffery

November 8th, 2012

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He was like the outcast in high school that became Prom King overnight. A Prom King has significant qualities that generates a liking towards them. With those qualities comes a hatred from bystanders that do not possess them themselves. People have always been threatened by those who have the charisma to stand out in a group. A very educated man with a hard past rose to the title of Prom King in politics, citizens did not see it coming. This man was Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who overcame all expectations of Canada. Pierre Elliot Trudeau had that type of personality that caught the eye of many Canadians and government officials. This gave him the edge to go over and above all other politicians. He used his growing popularity to his advantage in creating a better, united Canada.

After many Canadian politicians failed to shape a united country, Pierre Elliot Trudeau entered government and created a system that was always in the best interest of Canada.

After joining Person and slowly moving up the political ladder, Trudeau became Cabinet Minister and realized that there was a lack of organization. Members of the cabinet had wasted an overwhelming amount of time in Caucus meetings discussing insignificant topics, and so, Trudeau recommended that every minister must draw up a memorandum before even considering making a decision (Trudeau). This was a sheer benefit to the government of Canada because it greatly improved the quality of decisions being made. It also allowed Trudeau to get to know and understand his ministers because everything that was drawn up in the memos were their ideas and how they planned on dealing with them (Trudeau). Pierre had put much more responsibility on the shoulders...