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In Blanchard and Johnson, 'The One Minute Manager' and Daniels', 'Bringing Out the Best in People' we see how management strategies are the central priority of any organization. In both essays good management is the key goal for any successful outcome. In the essays we see that the environment and the skills that the employees represent, reflect the skills of the management within that company. However, differences do occur, such as style of management, techniques used and the relationship that exists between the employee and employer.

STYLE OF MANAGEMENT In 'The One Minute Manager' it is clearly stated that good management can be achieved in a short period of time, hence the title. This essay highly emphasized its views on quality of management being more important then the quantity that is presented. After the end of it, it is expected that the employee will be capable of managing itself.

TECHNIQUES There are three primary management techniques which are, goal setting, positive reenforcement and verbal reprimand. Goals are clearly stating what one is responsible for. One minute goals lets the employee be coherent to exactly what has too be done and therefore is capable to successfully achieve the goal that is requested of the employer. One minute praising allows an employer to commend their employee on a job well done. Therefore this leaves the employee very satisfied with their work and enables then to have the confidence to continue there successful work. One minute reprimands enables an employer to tell their employee what they had done wrong and what they could change in a rational way.

RELATIONSHIP; EMPLOYEE AND EMPLOYER This opens up communication airways and helps develop a work relationship based on honesty. Therefore the employee has the opportunity to improve and once again become...