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Some people think pilgrimage is only for Muslims or mainly Muslims complete it, but that is incorrect. All religions complete Pilgrimage at different times during the year, however Hajj is the biggest pilgrimage preformed by many Muslims. Pilgrimage is when one visits a holy place with religious intent; however pilgrimage is also the journey of life on Earth, which is why most people think that life is a pilgrimage.

Whether life being a pilgrimage or not, completing a pilgrimage is a great thing to do. People believe that completing a pilgrimage they have the feeling of being closer to God by worshiping him more (Christianity), or they believe that it forgives all their sins and is one key part of their religion and for greater reward they are pleasing God (Islam), some believe that they are completing their religious duty and a opportunity to meet new people (Hinduism) and some people believe that it brings them closer to other people of their religion and links them to their ancestors, in help with that God has always been their centre of life and to worship him (Judaism).

All religions have their own reasons to complete a pilgrimage, they maybe be similar at times for example all religions worship God and in Islam Muslims worship God to please him, in Christianity, the Christians pray to God to feel closer to God, in both of theses religions they pray to God for a pleasing outcome, which is then accomplished, it is the same with the other religions. All religions have their own type of pilgrimage, it doesn't have to be the same as the others, but it can be similar, Hindus visit temples, so do Jews, Christians visit Churches or other sacred places, Muslims visit the Masjid (Mosque) Sikhs visit a temple...