Pilot test

Essay by sweeteliF, November 2004

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Pilot test

In the pilot test Imp going to try to find about the best way to tear the chemical reactions.

Darning the pilot test I will try to experiment the reactions and come to a conclusion of this coursework.

I will change concentration to start with. I will start by using 2 molars of HCL and 0.15 molar of NaS2O3

I will do two tests.

1. 2m HCL 10cm3

0.15m NaSa 20 cm3

2. 1m HCL (5 cm 3 2 m + 5cm33 water

0.15m NaS2O3 20cm3

Amount of HCL

(cm3) Amount of


(cm3) Time

(Sec) Amount of Water H20


10 cm3 20 cm3 32:34 sec 0 cm3

5 cm3 20 cm3 42:52 sec 5 cm3

The result show that when the substances more concentrated with HCL the reaction speeds up. I know this because because when I used 2 molars of HCL and 10 cm"of it the reacted with a time of 32:34 seconds.

However when I used 1 molar of hcl and 5 cm3 Hcl with 5 cm3 of H20. It took longer for the X to not be seen and therefore suggesting that it was slower as its time was 42:52 seconds

In my opinion the concentrated solution reacted quicker with the thio sulphate solution because when it was more concentrated it meant that there were more particles of????????????Knocking about between the water molecules. This then makes collisions of important particles more likely. If they then they would also be more likely to react particles are more likely. For this reason an increase of concentration.