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Mr. Pirrip, throughout his life had many fathers for his real father died when he was but an infant. The economic level of each father was higher than the one that he succeeded, hence Mr. Pip's position in society changed as the "fathers" in his life changed.

The first father was Mr. Phillip Pirrip, but since he died when Pip was very young, he was adopted by his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, and Mr. Gargery was the father in Pip's life from that point on until he was of about 18 years of age. Out of all the three foster fathers that Pip's had, Joe was probably the one that most benefited and built Pip's moral character. He was an amazing, honest, straight-forward character, which not a lot of people even today have the privilege to meet. Although Joe's family wasn't exactly the richest in town, they weren't poor either, they were just well off.

After reading the whole novel, it seems like Pip's days with Joe were probably the best of his life. He changed so much after he left the Gargery's.

The next father in Mr. Pirrip's life was Mr. Jaggers, a very prominent and a well known lawyer who practiced his profession in London. He was Pip's temporary guardian until his secret benefactor revealed himself. It was through Jaggers that Pip first started changing. Under the care of Jaggers, Pip had a lot of money as his dispense; this is where signs of being snobbish first come into play. Jaggers didn't really personally care about Pip, from the beginning he had made it clear that he was acting as his guardian because he was fully paid for it. There was no real love for Pip involved, and how can a relationship exist without love? Although...