Piss Christ, a new style of art

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Audrey Wang

8 Oct 2013

Piss Christ, a new style of art

As we all know, Jesus Christ is a sought after image not only for painters but also for photographers. When we think about this kind of picture, we will think that most of the artists will chose to show Jesus Christ's sanctity and glory to their audience. They will create this kind of picture in a mystical way. They will draw Jesus Christ as he is a god not a kind of normal person. But Andres Serrano is totally different from other artists. Serrano's photograph, "Piss Christ", has expressed this familiar image of Christ in a creative and unprecedented way, which is so unusual that many viewers find it offensive.

In this photograph, of 60 inches by 40 inches, Serrano shows a small plastic crucifix supporting the body of Jesus Christ submerged in a glass of the artist's urine.

Some believed that the liquid in the bottle also contains the blood of the artist. The background color of the picture is mostly red and yellow. Red is associated with danger, anger, murder, blood and unfortunate event. Yellow is connected with caution, cowardice, and warning of hazards. Mostly painters will use color like white and brown. White is attached to peaceful, angel, purity, and cleanliness. Brown is come with comfortable, stable, dependable, and wholesome. Serrano explained that the reason why he made this picture is to show his love of Jesus Christ. He always regards himself as a true Christian. He explained the aim of the drawing is "adding that the French attack 'destroyed' the piece, but, it transformed 'Piss Christ' into something else." (Serrano)He also explained that "In hindsight, I'd say

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Piss Christ is a reflection of...