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How it will be run, I don't want to see hands or hear voices, I will pick who I want to hear.

I don't want any one to give me attitude.

I was thinking yesterday, and I started laughing. The thought came to my mind of who is running the corps next year.

**My first question to you is this, where are the future leaders of the program? Because I can't find any anywhere.

Moving on, uniform wear, this isn't optional, it is mandatory. I am tired of being bitched every single week, so I want this to end now. I don't care where your uniform is, or whatever lame excuse you make up, if you are at school Wednesday, you MUST be in uniform. From now on, if you are here on the assigned uniform day without your uniform, I am issuing a detention to you that day.

I won't tolerate it any longer.

My goal this term was to set a foundation for the program so that when the few mature people left are gone, the corps won't turn into more crap than it already is. Honestly, I don't see the program functioning next year, because there won't be any babysitters watching over you.

That is my problem, I wanted to come up with new ideas and motives for my cadets to have fun and work for, but I am too freaking busy babysitting you guys.

**My next question, why are you here? If you hate the corps so much, leave. I don't want to deal with it anymore. We don't care if you hate your jobs; you applied for them so do them. You are so obsessed with the last alpha flight having graduated and now there aren't any more cadets to look up to, but why can't we be the role models? What most of you don't know is that they had the same problems we have now, but the difference is that they didn't show it to the younger classes and they did there jobs despite personal conflicts.

Now promotions, I hope you are expected good, but preparing for the worst. Remember when you are being evaluated for promotions, I am also evaluating your job performance and grades. So don't plan on being too satisfied this next promotion.

Last thing, so I can go back to class and get on with my life, I want you guys to be left with something to work with. I do care for you guys, that is why I am telling you these things. From here on, I want you guys to follow the rules and quit your bitchin. Get over the personal conflicts and move on. Stop blaming others, and take things upon yourself to fix the gashes that appearing in the program. I hope you have a nice day.