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September 12,2004

Mr Robert

Metro section

The star publication

Jalan 8

Petaling Jaya

Dear Robert,

RE: Fund Raising dinner cum Fashion show

On October 22, Malaysian Aids Council will make a history on organizing a fund cum fashion show in palace of golden horses elegant royal ballroom.

Siti nurhaliza the host of the event will start of by singing 'eyes of the world' and accompanied by the finalist miss Malaysian world 2004. Both attire are sponsored by marina mahathir one of the most famous local designer.

Marina mahathir the first local designer that penetrated her designs to Milan. With guest attendance marina's mahathirs father datuk dr seri mahathir will be attending the dinner to officiate the event. With regards to the Malaysian aids council, formally datuk dr seri mahathir will contribute 50k cash to show his sincerity.

According to dr mahathir he is proud that besides her daughter, 2 other famous local designers which is Ana sui and key ng has succeeded in this field and both also contributed their design to this event.

Im certain your readers will thoroughly excite on our upcoming event. Im especially those who interested in designs. We will be organizing an exclusive interview for the star publication to interview our guest datuk dr seri mahathir. I'll be in touch again soon to discuss a possible interview in your interest. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 0122121252.

Yours sincerely,