Pitfalls of Standardized Testing. This essay explains how standardized tests should not be the only way that schools should look at how students improve in their acedemics.

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AUnder pressure to raise test scores, some school systems have trimmed or even eliminated recess, field trips, electives, science, social studies, and subjects that are not on the test.@ This quote makes it clear that standardized tests are becoming the key factors in determining the academic status of students. These tests have no effect on the student=s grades and in no way compel them to study or even try to receive a passing grade. Standardized test scores may be rising but this comes at the expense of other important school curriculum. For the sake of accountability, politicians have imposed high stakes on standardized tests, ignoring the warnings of testing experts. Evidence of the pitfalls of standardized tests was presented by Bob Chase in AChallenging The Almighty Test.@ Standardized tests take up valuable classroom time, have no academic value, and are biased ways to determine a student=s academic knowledge.

The first reason why standardized tests should be

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eliminated is they cause school systems to focus heavily on standardized tests and not enough on the state=s standards.

Schools are compelled to raise the test=s grades without worrying it their students will make it through their next year of school. Focusing solely on the standardized tests will ultimately leave students with out the expected knowledge for the following years. Without teaching the required material the students will be less likely to succeed in the professional world. With classroom time being geared towards the standardized tests, our students are lacking much needed knowledge.

Another reason such tests should be eliminated is because most standardized tests have no academic value to the students. Some students think that there is no reason to put forth any effort on these tests, since they are without academic value. Students who like to make designs with their...