Pitot and ThA Lab

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The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA 30332-0405 Undergraduate Instructional Laboratories


TO: Dr. Zhuomin Zhang, Undergraduate Laboratory Instructor September 04, 2014

FROM: ME 4056 Section A-2

SUBJECT: Pitot and ThA Lab


The purpose of the experiment was to measure the velocity profiles of air moving through

a wind tunnel using a Pitot-static probe, a static ring manometer, and a thermal anemometer on

August 28, 2014 in the Thermal-Fluids Instructional Lab of the School of Mechanical

Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. The Pitot-static probe was used to measure the

total and static pressures while the static ring manometer measured the atmospheric and static

pressures at the same locations across the wind tunnel test section. The thermal anemometer was

used to measure the velocity and root mean squared velocity at multiple locations across the

width of the wind tunnel test section. The data was used to determine the volumetric flow rate,

the dynamic pressure and velocity traverse of the air flow.


Apparatus. The GUNT Hamburg HM170 Educational Wind Tunnel is a subsonic open

wind tunnel that has a square channel test section. The wind tunnel utilizes a built-in static ring

manometer, GUNT Hamburg Inclined Tube Manometer 0 mbar to 5 mbar with 0.01 mbar

markings that are connected to a wall-mounted manometer, Dwyer Duragage -0.1" to 1.0" W.G.

with 0.01" markings, to measure static pressure in the test section. The velocity and pressure

measurements were performed using a Pitot-static probe, GUNT Hamburg Prandtl tube. A

thermal anemometer, the Dantec Dynamics A/S MiniCTA Anemometer Package Probe Type

55P16, was used to measure the mean velocity and root mean squared velocity. The velocity

traverse measurements were taken using a thermal anemometer DAQ software, Dantec

Dynamics A/S MiniCTA Anemometer Software. A ruler, GUNT...