Pity For The Dead

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Pity for the Dead When dealing with the loss and pain one feels due to death, there are many different ways that people deal with their emotions. Some people will turn to friends or loved ones to relieve themselves. Others will simply try to cope on their own and push anyone else away. Some may even try to manage their feelings by indulging themselves in music or poetry. Or, some optimists may try to find the bright side of the situation. The effect that death can have on a person may vary depending on the situation, the relation to the deceased, and the way he or she would initially handle such an event internally. Frost's poems display different scenarios and create different ways that a character would react to a situation. The theme of loss and death is commonly found in poems of Robert Frost such as, The Death of a Hired Man, Home Burial, Not to Keep, and A Late Walk.

Robert Frost's poems, concerning the theme of loss and death, effectively convey the different aspects of grief and sorrow experienced as a result of death.

The Death of a Hired Man demonstrates the reaction of two people that are not at all close to the one who passes away. The poem clearly states that the man, Warren, is not even fond of the old hired man, Silas. Frost writes, "What good is he? Who else will harbor him at his age for the little he can do?" (Untermeyer 160). Warren does not care for the elderly man at all, however, he finds himself quiet and speechless when he discovers the death, almost as if he were showing respect for him. His wife, who had told Warren to be kind to the aged man even though she looked...