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1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Goals

2.0 Market Outlook

3.0 Situational Analysis

4.0 Competition Analysis

5.0 Product/Service Solution

6.0 Target Market Analysis

7.0 Target Market Segmentation Strategy

8.0 Market Share

9.0 Marketing Implementation Strategy

10.0 Promotional Strategy

10.1 Advertising

10.2 Sales Promotion

10.3 Public Relations

10.4 Personal Selling

10.5 Direct Marketing

10.6 Merchandising Materials

10.7 Media Alternatives

11.0 Follow-through Strategy

1.0 Executive Summary

Pizza is a favorite food among many Americans. In fact, it is estimated that each United States citizen consumes approximately 20 pounds of pizza per year. Pizza is acquired primarily from restaurants and grocery stores. Grocery store pizzas are generally frozen, and provide for a quick, convenient meal that can be made at home. The healthy frozen pizza market is a contemporary and competitive market, which means that it will require advanced marketing and marketing communication.

Sunny Inc is planning to introduce a pizza in the healthy frozen pizza market by developing a quality product derived from an immense amount of consumer input.

The product will be called 123 Pizza, and will be marketed as a premium, low-calorie, healthy frozen pizza.

1.1 Goals

- Generate new income for Sunny Inc by increasing market share by 20% within one year.

- Achieve a 40% trial of the target market.

- Achieve 80% product awareness.

- Become the number one frozen, low-calorie, healthy pizza in the market within 18-24 months.

- Achieve sales revenues of $15,000.000 in first-year markets.

- Achieve a 10% annual growth rate in real earnings.

123 Pizza will achieve its goals by introducing a product that will provide a healthy, quality tasting, low-calorie, frozen pizza for consumers at a price below its competitors. The company wants to have an entry in the healthy frozen pizza niche that consumers regard as tasty...