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It's your Decision Cody Taylor 3rd period 12-17-01 What kind of responsibilities do you have? Everybody has responsibilities. I think that responsibility is a major thing in life. Life is full of responsibilities. If you can't handle your responsibilities you won't make it through life.

When I think of responsibility, I think of someone who is accountable, in charge, carrying the load, authoritative. A responsible person always has stuff to do. If you always get your job done, you shouldn't have a problem, and it will make life a lot easier on you. Webster's New Explorer Student Dictionary defines responsibility as "The quality or state of being dependable," and "Always doing your work." Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, of responsibility includes, constrained, contracted, decision-making, compelled, bonded, and at the helm. 2,715 one-line Quotations for Speakers, Writers, & Raconteurs "The buck stopped with the guy who signed the check." Our responsibilities strongly impact our lives and people around us.

For an example, our parents have a lot of responsibilities, they go to work to make money to pay the bills, and make sure everything gets done around the house, and take care of the kids. As a result of our responsibilities, we can lift ourselves and possibly others up.

Do you have responsibilities like your parents? Everyday you have responsibilities. Responsibility is like a chores that you have to do. You need to do it make sure you do your chores everyday & do them well. I think responsibility a part of life. Everyday is full of responsibilities.

I have responsibilities everyday. In the morning I get to get my little brother Curt and my self ready for school. I make breakfast, make sure the dog gets out go to the bathroom, and make sure she has food and water. When...