"The Place of the Theory about Hedonism in the 21st Century."

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When I began writing this essay, I questioned myself. The ultimate question was: "Where can the Hedonism exist?" Then: "Where had it started? Who started it? Is it applicable nowadays?" I thought that this philosophy is not spread in today's society. But, I had conversations with my mother and my father. I also read about what is Hedonism.

Hedonism is a philosophical teaching, which considers everything that gives us pleasure and satisfaction is intrinsically good, and never evil. The Hedonism appeared for first time in ancient Greece during 5th century before Christ. Aristippus was the "inventor", the founder of the Hedonistic theory. About hundred years later, in 4th century before Christ, another Greek Philosopher called Epicurus improved the Hedonistic theory, and stated that pure Hedonism can only be achieved by full rational control of people's wishes and pleasures that they want.

Twenty-one plus five equals twenty-six. Twenty six centuries! Wow, it is really a lot of time, during which people and society have changed a lot.

Therefore to be sure whether the Hedonism has a place in 21st century, we should go back 26 centuries and analyze also the society of the ancient Greeks.

Ancient Greece during 6th century was in its best years. This was one of the dominating and richest countries in the Mediterranean region. Therefore its people were also rich and they were not only concerned how to survive, but they also started looking for pleasures. The society developed fast and especially the arts. There were many dramas, stories, and plays created. Also the music and painting were so developed, that they are admired even nowadays. Soon the rich people have had enough to be completely satisfied. They stopped thinking about tomorrow. The society, and also the government began downgrading.

The society of ancient Greece began...