Placement in Society

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In the everyday world communication amongst people is necessary. The way that we communicate with people can determine many things. The way we present ourselves to society can give them an assumption of the type of person we actually are. If I were to take on a certain role as a "gothic" female I would present myself as "dark" and "unpleasant" leaving the assumption of me not being a happy person. Presenting myself as a sophisticated female I would appear to be confident and successful to the people around me who do not actually know me. In everyday life we walk around looking at peoples appearance and getting somewhat of an idea of how they feel and who they are. It is not always safe to assume a person's personality based on their appearance though. Sometimes people are mistreated due to their appearance and they purposely present themselves the way they do because of a choice to be unique.

Being twenty years old I have worked in many different atmospheres. As a college student it isn't easy to hold a full time job and go to school full time unless of course you choose not to ever sleep. Before I came to Drexel, I spent a year at the Community College of Philadelphia and also worked. Most college students work part time in a retail store or do some light office work. Past experience shows how the outside world can treat you based upon a certain classification they choose to place you in.

About a year ago I had applied for a position with an apparel firm with hope of gaining the position of an administrative assistant. Realizing I was a nineteen-year-old female without much experience in the business field I figured the chances of me getting the opportunity for...