Placing Tighter Restrictions on Senior Citizens that wish to renew their driver's license

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Lawmakers: Get Miss Daisy Off The Road!After sitting through hours of boring class, Ryan Wesling sat down to eat his lunch and wait in anticipation for the recess bell to ring. He was probably going to play either dodge ball or tag. He was probably just peeling off the lid to his HandiSnack, the best part of the boring lunch that most mothers make for their children. He never got to play dodge ball. He never got to eat that delicious HandiSnack. He never got to mature past the age of eight. As he was eating his lunch, a car drove through the cafeteria and killed him. The driver was 81-year-old Grace Kleim, a senior citizen with a clean driving record (Associated Press). One might ask when hearing of this tragedy, "How could someone drive into a school cafeteria by accident?" The answer is that the driver was a senior citizen that should not have been allowed behind the wheel in the first place.

Senior citizens like Grace Kleim are all over the roads and there is an extreme lack of laws to keep these people that are no longer capable from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. How many innocent people and eight year old children are going to have to die before lawmakers wake up to this problem? Senior citizens should, at the very least, be required to take another driving test after they have reached a certain age to assess their driving capabilities.

As people age many of their abilities needed for safe driving diminish. This is a key reason for older drivers having a higher accident rate than younger drivers. The numbers are in fact very close, as many will argue, but older people are shown in studies to drive less. (Rigdon, par 2). As...