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Plagiarism has been occurring for hundreds of years. It is as old as cheating itself. For

many, the thought of taking someone's credit and praise for another's hard work is unthinkable.

Not only is it considered a crime, but it can and will cause you serious setbacks in employment as

well as the academic world. A student caught plagiarizing can be kicked out of school and a

writer would more than likely lose their job and forever be labeled as dishonest individual.

Plagiarism always has been and always will be considered the highest form of academic injustice.

The first and mandatory punishment will be failing the copied assignment. Many may

argue that the individual should receive a second chance to rewrite the assignment. But I believe

that the individual should only receive that chance if the validity of the paper is in question. If it

can't be proven that the paper was written with the intention of plagiarism then it should be

written again.

That should be the only exception to the mandatory failing of the assignment. For

many, knowing the first consequence of receiving an "F" is enough to avoid plagiarism.

The second and most serious punishment for plagiarism is the expulsion from the school.

This for many may seen to be an extreme case, but many instructors and teachers believe that it is

a fair punishment for the crime. This type of punishment is a little more controversial for me. I

believe that for the first offense, expulsion is going to far. Not all plagiarism is done on purpose

with the intent of stealing another's work. If caught a second time of the crime, then the person

does deserve to be removed from the school for a minimum of one semester.

The third issue...