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People are so creative. Things are being explored, realized, established in every second by our creative minds. But with all this new amazing deeds a great part of the humanity has found a way to put its brain in the drawer of indolence and started exploiting the rest of itself, whom the locker hadn't enough space for.

I, personally, hate being copied. It's so irritating. The thought that someone is trying to look like me, to behave like me, to steal my phrases, expressions and gestures follows me like a vexing fly. It's similar to the thought that I have left the oven turned on, or have forgotten to lock the door. I feel robbed. A part of myself is stolen. But what makes me freak out is that when I see the annoying thieves, they just smile at me (the same way I do) and wave to me (the same way like me) and I am helpless.

The fact that I can't do anything to protect my own, to save the only thing, which is said to be inviolable. It is humiliating.

What is this human desire to copy for? Every person has his own qualities and characteristics and that is what distinguishes us - one from another. Can't they understand that such activities make them look stupid and hilarious?! Or such people just feel satisfied by torturing the models of their behavior...It's rediculous to be happy when causing such a huge annoyment.

I despise those clones. For me, they are equal to a chewed gum, sticked on the bottom of my shoe. And no matter how hard they try to be the same as me, they should remember that there's only one original masterpiece and the rest are fake, blank and plain copies.