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What is Plagiarism?Plagiarism is a grave concern when discussing ethics in an academic environment. With the introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web many publications are available online and some students use these papers for academic assignments instead of doing research and creating an original essay. This paper will discuss the rules, types, methods of avoiding, combating, and why students plagiarize.

The word plagiarism comes from the Greek and Latin terms for kidnapping and can be defined as the presenting of words and/or ideas belonging to someone else as if it is his own work without properly acknowledging the source from which the information was obtained. Plagiarism is also the use of direct quotes without quotation marks, footnotes, or textual citation of the sources. Plagiarism has become a very serious problem with high school and college students just about everywhere.

Types of PlagiarismPlagiarism has been around for as long as schools have.

In the early nineties, with the introduction of the personal computer and the internet a new type of plagiarism arose. This new type of plagiarism is referred to as electronic or cyber-plagiarism. Before the introduction of this newer technology students plagiarized by going to libraries and researching different books taking a few ideas from one book and a few from another, all while replacing some of the authors words with his own. Today the problem has become much worst. A student can easily log on to the web and buy essays from any of the many websites that sell papers on any subject from Florida oranges to international business endeavors. The internet also makes it possible for individuals to research topics by simply typing in the subject matter, hitting search and allowing the computer to list a number of sources pertaining to the...