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Plagiarism is a form of theft in which a person takes someone's ideas or writings and does not acknowledge them for doing so.

There are several tools available at Franklin University to help students avoid plagiarism, such as, the APA documentation style and a website called is a type of writing in which students can submit a paper or essay and the website will check for similarities between it and other articles within its database. The APA (American Psychological Association) documentation style is a type of guideline for student to use to help them format their paper as well as determine the layout. It also gives student the opportunity to correctly cite other authors' work.

Franklin University also has a very extensive dishonesty policy. If a student is caught in academic dishonesty a faculty member must sent that student written notification. Depending on the severity of the incident a student could be punished anywhere from a failing grade on the assignment to discharge of the university.

If a student feels he or she has been wrongly accused of academic dishonesty Franklin University also offers that student a chance to appeal in writing and request a good faith appeal discussion. If after this discussion the student feels the problem is not solved he or she can write an appeal to the chief academic officer.

Due to academic dishonest twenty one Ohio University graduates could have their master's degree revoked after a review committee found out they plagiarized. The plagiarism was in their master's theses. The review committee looked at 46 theses and found that 21 students had copied directly from books, journals, periodicals or from other students' theses in the school library Sixteen other students had worked together on their projects and might have copied from one...