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September 17, 2014

The Plague DBQ

Society was in a state of disorder and chaos and many workers showed Exploitation in this time period. Many of these opportunities relied on the deaths of others. One very interesting case would be at Casale. "… Smeared the bolts of the town gates with an ointment to spread the plague … in order to obtain their inheritances more quickly."(Doc 4) As documented by Johann Weyer, a German physician. In some recorded diaries even nurses would "… make the patients die more quickly, because the sooner they died, the sooner the nurses collected the fees…"(doc 11) showing how corrupt the medical system could be when there is extra money involved. This quote shows how selfish some people were through their action.. Many others were paid to paid in order to quarantine the sick "gold for the expense of the pest houses to quarantine the diseased"(Doc 6).

Along with these black market deals, the honest merchants had a bit more trouble. "The trading nations of Europe were all afraid of us; no port of France, or Holland … would admit our ships"(Doc 14). The plague had of course forbidden any foreign trade that had taken place. Wig sellers had trouble selling their goods "nobody will dare to buy any wig" (Doc 13). The plague depraved the European economy of all its growth.

People reacted to the plague with mass fear. Many of the leadership roles for the plague were gone since many rich nobles fled. For example, the French Author Nicolas Versoris explains Paris's situation; "… the rich fled" (Doc 3) while the poor such, such as the "porters and wage-earners, who had lived there in large numbers" (Doc 3) were left to die. Nicolas, being an author, may...