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Morgan Ross

Ms. Callihan

World Literature

April 2, 2012

Bad In, Bad Out

"It's no wonder that as a whole, today's teens appear to be wilder and living more on the edge than the generations preceding them when they are watching staggering amounts of television, and most of those shows being reality TV," says Hope Skeen, Youth Advisory Commission. Coming from a teen's perspective, reality TV is getting pretty nasty. Hope Skeen did some research and found that on average, a teen will watch 28 hours of television per week, adding up to almost 15,000 hours a year. That's about 4,000 more hours than a teen goes to school.

As a 17-year-old in today's world, I see many teenagers addicted to stuff like drugs, sex, cursing, and many other things. Sometimes the reason the teen is addicted to all of that stuff is because they were raised in an environment that did drugs, cussed, and had sex every night.

For others, reality TV is to blame. Jersey Shore, for example, is in my opinion one of the worst reality television shows out there. All they do is drink, party, and have sex. According to www.usatoday. c om, 6.6 million young adults watch Jersey Shore on a daily basis, so just imagine all the drinking and sex they watch. It's ridiculous.

Babies learn to talk by listening to their parents, right? Well what if all the parents do is cuss? That's right, the baby is going learn all those filthy words and grow up saying them. It's the same way with watching what the parents do. One way to solve this problem is to persuade the parents to say and do the right things around their children. Another is almost impossible to do, but it's to get rid of all...