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In today's society there are many communities in need of assistance. The economy has left many families unable to pay for basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. The Assembly of God Church in Atco, New Jersey provides assistance to anyone in need. The food bank at the church feeds approximately seventy families on a weekly basis however, the numbers are steadily increasing.

The food bank is in need of volunteers and donations. Volunteers are needed to spend up to three hours a week, three times a week helping others. Three hours of not watching television can provide a hot meal to several families.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to assess the communities various needs. The lower economic needs of the Hispanic and African American community can be vast. There is a wide range of health issues related to poverty. These groups have higher rates of Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension. Volunteering provides an opportunity to work with a medically undeserved population.

Lack of a nutritious diet can lead to Obesity. A poor diet tends to be a high in calories and lack fresh fruits and vegetables. The weight increase from a high calorie diet creates a perfect opportunity to develop Diabetes and Hypertension.

The health issues that go along with poverty provide an opportunity to not only feed this group of individuals but, to educate them on diet and nutrition. This is only one step in the education process of poverty and diet.

Nutrition is paramount to health and survival, yet for many individuals and families they struggle to maintain a healthy diet, especially those with low incomes. Nearly 12.6 million or 11% of American households were "food insecure" during 2005. These people are without resources to feed themselves or purchase healthy foods according to the US Department of Agriculture. (Tracy...