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For this weeks paper we were asked to complete three self-assessments, and based on what we learned prepare a plan that would increase motivation, satisfaction and performance of a team that could also be applied to a business setting. I will fist discuss, how motivation, job satisfaction and performance and how they are related to each other. I will then move to team assessments, and how personality plays out with in a team. The last section will be improving motivation, satisfaction and performance. I will end with a conclusion and references.

Motivation:Motivation can be defined as the processes which account for a person's intensity, direction, and persistence in attaining a goal (Robbins). Motivation sets a direction that shows that an individual's efforts are being used in the right direction in order to achieve goals, and also cultivates persistence. Persistence pertains to how long an individual makes an effort in order to achieve a set goal.

Job satisfaction refers to how satisfied a person is within their job. Some factors that can influence this satisfaction are the nature of the work, promotions, supervision, coworkers and relationships. Performance is an activity which goes on within an organizational structure. Motivation, job satisfaction and performance are directly related to each other. When employees are highly motivated it can lead to job satisfaction and eventually to higher performanceTeam Assessment:There are many attributes which need to be looked at when it comes to working on either a small or large project such as an individual's personality, effort, involvement and a person's style. In teams no one person works or thinks alike and each member will contribute in some way or another. After completing the assessment it was apparent that some of our teams attitudes were similar, an example could be the involvement we put into...