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If you like watching adventurous movies featuring special effects and makeup that will leave you deciding between fiction and reality, this is one movie you must watch. Starring Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Estella Warren, Tim Burton provides the world of cinema with an action-packed adventure of a lifetime. Despite being a remake, Planet of the Apes easily pushed aside its competition, mainly Jurassic Park 3 and Rush Hour 2, to claim the first place in the US postal box office, staying in 1st for several weeks.

The main focus of the movie is Tim Roth, an US astronaut with an attitude. Disregarding straight orders from his commander, he heroically goes out into space to save his monkey who has been caught up in an electromagnetic storm, only to find himself fighting for his life. An explosion within the storm causes him to travel through time, crashing on an unknown, upside-down planet.

Here, the Apes rule and humans are nothing but caged salves. Immediately, he takes charge and escapes from slavery with a few friends, resulting in having the entire Ape race on his trail. Retrieving a tracking devise from his pod, he is directed by it towards the mother ship that he believed to have landed on the planet in his search. The place of the ship is a sacred, off limits land, where the Ape generation first began. Not caring about the consequences, he finds his way into this sacred land, only to discover the true cause of the Ape's intelligence.

Though by face the Apes do not resemble humans, they all portray an incredible amount of human qualities. (Name,) the chief military leader of the Apes, is shown to be a selfish, stubborn Ape. These qualities are supported and magnified by his movements, actions, expressions, and his attitude overall. He keeps a grin on his face showing his teeth at all times. His head always remains low causing his eyes to be wide open, indicating a strong sense of anger. On the other hand, (name,) former general and the current"¦bodyguard of (name,) daughter of the senator, is shown to be a respected, civilized Ape. He stands tall with his head proudly raised. He has a low, deep voice, and usually speaks only when he is needed to be heard. His skin is similar to black leather, and with him dressed in black, it seems as if he is in his own world. It is as if he is an Ape with a lot of Wisdom, someone like an elder people would turn to for advice.

All these human qualities add up to making the movie real. When watching, one forgets about the fact that Apes are actually actors in makeup. Their emotions, feelings, and reactions make the Ape as real as they could possibly be. In addition, the background music plays and enormous role in setting the mood of the movie. Suspense is one factor that is present in the whole movie. The high-pitched, slow paced music sets the mood needed for a suspenseful part. When watching, one gets so involved in the scene that when the conclusion is reached and the music is quickly switched to high-volume, fast-paced tone, he reacts as if he was present in that situation.

All these little things add up to making the movie a big sucess. Still, there are some things, such as the Apes jumping constantly to cover distances, seeming as thoug they are flying, that i did not like about the movie. Overall, i give it a 4.5 out of 5, and recommend you to watch it aswell.