How planet of the apes is an anti-war film

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Some things aren't always what they seem, sometimes there more sometimes there less. In many cases there is a hidden meaning or clues that suggest theirs more than meets the eye. One particular film that caught my attention is planet of the apes the story of slavery, and history repeating itself. Its cryptic value is so hard to see I had to watch it three times to find it. When I finally found it I wondered how I missed it the two times earlier. The movie itself is intensely interesting and entertaining. But I have learned to look past the prevalent and see the unseen. Past all the make-up and special effects theirs significance to the fact that apes have taken mans place.

Man has always had an obsession with death and war. Its nothing we can explain or rationalize. Man will always slay one another and destroy everything that could ever matter.

In planet of the apes man destroys man leaving only apes to take their place. We blew each other up until there was almost nothing left we could blow up. We lead ourselves to our own destruction. Without cause or reason we will attack our brother, our friend, our family. There is a point where man could kill his own blood for a futile motive like land, money, drugs, and power or privilege. When you really think about it it's so ludicrous we could think of it as laughable. In fact we have even put it in comedies like half-baked, lion king, and a bugs life. We think of these as simple and innocent movies with a safe moral. A man will kill a man for something as small as a bag with a plant in it or seat in a castle. Is a crown worth...