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TYPE OF ABSTRACT: ArticleTYPE OF INFORMATION: General InterestSOURCE INFORMATIONTitle: The Origin of the Solar SystemName of web page: NinePlanetsName of Producer: Frank Crary, CU BoulderDate Published: ~2000Web Address: http://www.nineplanets.org/origin.htmlSUMMARY OF INFORMATION:Frank Crary, a researcher, created this wonderful article, "The Origin of the Solar System," to inform its readers about how the solar system was created. "The Origin of the Solar System" mentioned how a cloud of interstellar gas or dust (the "solar nebula") was disturbed and collapsed under its own gravity. Then as the cloud collapsed, it heat up and compressed in the center. (Sun) The center compressed enough to become a protostar and the rest of the gas orbited/flowed around it. Depending on the details, the gas orbiting star/protostar may be unstable and start to compress under its own gravity. That produces a double star. If it doesn't the gas cools off enough for the metal, rock and (far enough from the forming star) ice to condense out into tiny particles.

Then the dust particles collide with each other and form into larger particles. They keep enlarging until they are about the size of an asteroid. Once the larger of these particles get big enough to have a nontrivial gravity, their growth accelerates. This is basically a summary of the information listed in this article.

This article outlined the important facts of how the solar system was created.

MY REACTION:I liked reading this article because it was very informative and taught me a lot. "The Origin of the Solar System" answered questions I had about the Solar System such as "How was it created?" and "Where did all the gas and dust that formed the planets come from?" The answer to the question "How was the Solar System created?" is simply that it was created from a cloud...