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Introduction - What is Planning?

Planning is one of the major functions of a manager and the future of the organization and the achievement of corporate goals may rely on the fact how well the planning process is carried out at each level of the organization.

Planning is a logical process as it involves thinking and decision making and is a continuous and a dynamic process because changes in plans have to be made from time to time to take care of the changing environment. It concerns a series of action steps to achieve a specific goal. If you do it effectively, you can reduce much the necessary time and effort of achieving the goal. It is well known that for unstructured activities 80 percent of the effort, give less than 20 percent of the valuable outcome.

Why do we need to plan?

It is much easier to avoid wasting effort as some activities that you do without planning may end up as irrelevant to achieving our expected goals.

And therefore redundant work may take place resulting in waste of time and resources. But with a plan it is possible to carry out the tasks in a most efficient and effective way possible.

Planning is vital for meeting your needs during each action step with your time, money, or resources. The planning phase can be utilized to gather the resources that are need to fulfill a task. This helps the planner to get a clear idea about the expenditure of the task, the impact it has on the organization and the risks involved.

Furthermore, a plan can be used as a tool which you can used in directing people to carry out their tasks and help supervisory personnel to identify the progress or where we are currently and also to...