Planning Family Ministry

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The book, Planning Family Ministry, a guide for a teaching church was written by Joe H. Leonard Jr. in 1982 and pressed in the Judson Press. It includes 63 pages. This book is divided into six chapters;

The Tasks of Family Ministry

The Content and Skill Areas of Family Ministry

The Biblical Foundation of Family Ministry

Changing Families and Family Ministry

Steps to Planning Ministries

Toward a Comprehensive Family Ministry.

The purpose of this book is to provide guidance to local church leaders, lay and ordained, who want to develop programs of family ministry. It is meant to be practical and usable in local churches of all sizes. An important assumption that underlies the planning suggestions offered in this book is that many, perhaps most, local churches will need to cooperate with other congregations and community groups in order to provide the kinds of family ministry programs that are needed.

A cooperative approach to family ministry is not a weakness, but strength.

An important conviction underlying this book is that a Christian family is not an end in itself. A Christian family is a laboratory for producing "citizens of the kingdom." A Christian family is a school, or a missionary enterprise. The goal of Christian family life is not solely to create a family which functions in a healthy manner but also to help the world become a fit place for the Spirit of God to dwell.

Chapter 1

The Tasks of Family Ministry

A teaching church nurtures persons in Christian growth. A commitment to nurturing persons in Christian growth necessarily means a concern for the quality of life within family units. Family ministry is an essential, ongoing ministry for a teaching church. Everyone is part of a family in some sense. Family ministry is all the efforts of...