Planning Levels Within the US Military

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"We remain an Army and a Nation at War. It is a war unlike any our Nation has seen, prosecuted not by states and Armies, but by extremists employing irregular means to erode our power and our resolve." (United States Army, 2005) The US Military has created a long term planning that focuses on the next ten to twenty years. For instance, the ARMY division of the military has a plan called the ARMY Strategic Planning Guide 2005. In this plan the ARMY outlines the major goals and provisions which will guide the organization to ensure the safety and security of the United States. The plan takes into consideration many factors such as the organizations purpose, vision, mission and values and how strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends factor into creating a long term successful outcome for our country.

The US Military has many strengths. With an annual operating budget of three hundred and ninety nine billion dollars, a count of nearly five hundred thousand active military personnel, and the strongest arsenal of weapons world-wide (Military Factory, 2006) the US Military has many strengths which can be utilized during the planning process.

Evaluating weaknesses in the organization is a must when considering long term planning and improvement. With any large organization many perspectives must be taken into consideration. Soldiers serving overseas in foreign environments have hurt the image of the organization by resorting to unethical behavior which has led to image problems world-wide. These are some of the internal factors taken into consideration when developing a strategic plan for the US Military.

Opportunities within the military are abundant for the people who serve the organization. Education and training are amongst the best known. Opportunities for the military as a whole include careful planning on the part of the...