Plato's Involvment and Legacies within the Western World. This is a 6-7 page double spaced paper with a biography which recieved an A+ in my Western Civ Honors class

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Plato's Involvement and Legacies Within the Western World

When the term Western World is used, it is used in a way as an adjective for a lifestyle or a way of thinking. The specific lifestyle or way of thinking in which that term is referring to is an advanced and modern one. Usually being advanced such as in the western world implies that it is technologically advanced, however it also means philosophically and mentally. At the time of Plato not many Greeks picked up on the ways of the Western World, which is what makes him so famous and unique. Numerous philosophers looked up to Plato, for he brought out novel concepts and instead of walking the road of others before him, he began his own road, which in turn led him to success. Not only did he open the doors to many and created a new way of thinking, but his new way of thinking encouraged a positive attitude towards life and gave a feeling of gratitude.

Philosophy is a soul mixture of compromising logic to better fit ideas and concepts, ethics for it should relate to life and society, aesthetics for the appreciation of life and beauty is a main factor especially when trying to remain positive as Plato did. Metaphysics is also a main facet because it keeps theories realistic and down to earth, and not to forget epistemology to combine actuality and science into the whole ordeal.

As for Plato, he was born into one of Athen's oldest and most distinguished families in the city. Plato's father Ariston, thought to be the offspring of King Cordus one of the early kings of Athens, died when Plato was a young boy. His mother Pericitone, a distant relative of the law maker Solon, remarried her uncle Pyrilampes; Plato...