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The movie 'Platoon' showed the terrible situations during the Vietnam War as well as major horrors of the Vietnam War. It's one of the greatest war movies I've seen and it's hard to believe that it was made in 80's.

In the beginning of the movie, it clearly showed that most of the US soldiers weren't educated and had very low life. Also, there were some conflicts between the leaders of two crews. The movie showed the problems US had with the Vietminhs and other resistance forces as well as the problems they had within their troops. Later on the movie, it showed the US soldiers' attitudes against Vietnamese. In my opinion, the US soldiers' attitudes were terrible since they were beating/killing them and raping young girls. The movie 'Platoon' criticized the US involvement in Vietnam by showing these horrible images.

The US intervened in Vietnam War because they were extremely aware of the domino theory.

The US was afraid that when Vietnam falls, whole Indo-china would fall to communism. So, the US sent in troops into Vietnam to help South Vietnam and by late 1965, there were about 185, 000 soldiers in Vietnam. The US had most advanced technology that it looked like a piece of a cake in the beginning. However, there were some problems for the US troops. Since most of the Vietnamese thought that the US troops were intruders, they went against US troops. So, there was some confusion for the US troops because they were not sure who they have to fight against and fighting for since everyone Vietnamese were against them. Also, Vietnamese used guerilla tactics, which were extremely effective and Vietcong was gaining more support. Therefore, even though the US had the most advanced technology, combat power wasn't very effective...