In the play The Wild Duck, written by Isben, there

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In the play The Wild Duck, written by Isben, there is a wild animal, it is a duck. An in this play the duck symbolizes many of the characters in many different and unique ways. To start off the wild Duck represents or symbolizes one of the major characters in this story, Old Ekdal. He is an outdoors man trapped in the city. They have one particular thing in common and that is that they were both injured by Hakon Werle. He is a hunter that one day shot the wild duck. Werle's dog rescued the duck from the bottom of the lake and Old Ekdal decided that he was going to nurse the wild duck back to health in his attic. The attic would later become a fantasy world for whoever spent time in there.

The wild duck also symbolizes young Hedvig. They also have in common injury and also the duck is separated from the rest of his flock..

Hedvig is going blind and has a disability that separates her from going to school with other normal students.

Last but not least the duck symbolizes Gregers. He uses the attic and the duck as a place to get away from reality. Gregers enjoys making things for the duck and often relates his good friend Hialmar to the duck. He says that Hialmar sunk to the bottom in life and Gregers wants to be the dog in this case and rescue him.

Gregers is where the truth and honestly all start to show. His very good friend Hialmar is getting married. He is getting married to a woman named Gina. But Gina was not totally honest to Hialmar. Gregers realizes this and doesn't want Hialmar to get hurt. So Gregers decided to tell him the truth but Hialmar doesn't want to hear it. Gregers is not noble enough to forgive Gina and also becomes very convinced the Hedvig is the daughter of Werle and not Hialmar.

Finally Gregers does in deed tell Hialmar the truth. After Hialmar finds out about this he breaks down and turns on Gina and Hedvig. Hedvig is also destroyed with the rejection she had received from her father. She is desperate and wants to win her fathers affection back. She ends up killing herself and Hialmar realizes that he was not truthful or honest to himself.

In my opinion I do not think that Gregers will be able to justify what he did by telling the truth. He realizes that if would have kept his mouth close none of this would have happened. She would have never been rejected and would have never been in that attic with the gun. He knows that he was a true friend by telling him the truth. He never knew that he would have caused this and I don't think that if he knew the outcome he would have never said anything. It was a risk that he had to take and he took it.