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Part C.

As Life Passes By The simple and private life of Doña Fedelia is interrupted as she is challenged to accept the ever-changing society. As her patience, privacy, and judgement are put to the test Doña Fedelia is frustrated with the intense surroundings. Doña Fedelia, a woman full of mood swings and judgements, portrays that of an elderly person who has lost all youth.

As an ill-tempered person outraged by the fast movement of life and the hassle of society, Dona Fedelia finds wrong in all things. She scowls Beck for her crazy driving and extremely undersized car as they are traveling to the play. Irritated at the excitement of her peer, Doña Fedelia comments, "Huh! You should be so young." The nature of Doña Fedelia's temper is portrayed as she makes it known that she is only taking this outing because Becky insists. Her ill temper towards her surroundings is endless.

A recluse from society and pleased with her own company, Doña Fedelia feels that there is no need for her to take part in seeing the play that her daughter speaks so highly of. Doña Fedelia preferred "to be at home in her rocking chair crocheting and watching the Spanish-language station." She is an elderly woman and does not try to enjoy company or the excitement of society. She finds no excitement in seeing the play and says, "And what do I want with a play? I am perfectly happy just staying at home." Tired and elderly she does find a need in company or action in society.

She is a self-righteous person who is very judgmental of her surroundings and peers as she sets back to watch life pass by. Watching playgoers' pass by, Doña Fedelia turns up her nose as if she is better and of higher class. As she observes the play that she has mistakenly arrived at, Doña Fedelia finds it embarrassing to be seen at such an explicit event. While her friend is flirting with the man in the next seat, Doña Fedelia is slouched in her chair, covering her eyes, and reaching in her purse for the mass. She has become so worried about what is happening and what people might think that it leads her to be a very judgmental person.

The obstacles of life have proven to be too difficult for Doña Fedelia to face. Her tendency to be ill temper, recluse, and self-righteous appear to keep her from embracing the trials and tribulations of society. As life passes she finds happiness at home with her own company rather than leading a busy life. 430 words