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Some high schools allow students to study the courses that they want, but other schools don not permit students to study what they want. I think that the first way is good for students in modern society. It can make students improve interest of learning and excavate potential of students.

First, interest of learning will be increased if students learn what they like. In many high schools, students have to study the courses that they don¡¯t want, because they want to go to university. For example, in china students must study five stated courses if they want to go to university or graduate. Although they don¡¯t like, they have no choice. If students study what they want, they will show many interests on them, and they can get better achievement.

Second, students must have other potential that didn¡¯t be dredged up. Students should be encouraged to cultivate interests in other things, such as sports, panting, and music.

By the new criteria, good students should not only achieve good marks in academic subjects, but also have varied interests and abilities, and in this way they will acclimatize themselves to society better in the future.

As a result, the development of modern civilization requires that education should put emphasis not only on school subjects but also on the ability to solve problems. High schools should give students rights to elect curricula that they enjoy; it is beneficial both to students and to society.

¡°Friendship the first, and competition the second.¡± How often we heard such words. So I don¡¯t think that only when you win a game you can feel funny. Playing a game can train people¡¯s body and chasten people¡¯s volition.

First, athletes will be trained when they play a game. To win the game is what they concern about, whether they are going to play tennis or football. If they win, flowers and honor fly to them and their enthusiasm escalates. But playing a game is an enjoyable entertainment, and it will make our body strong; we should not just care about glory.

In addition, playing a game will chasten people¡¯s volition. A previous loser will be successful later by strenuous practicing; it is his eagerness and willpower makes him win. One of the greatest early writers said, ¡°The failure is the mother of success.¡± It means that one must endure crucifixion if they want to succeed. So we should not give up when we meet troubles, and we can extract experience by difficulty.

Therefore, it is not difficult to get the conclusion: the happiness of playing a game is not found when people win; the importance is taking part in.