Playing with Heart and Head

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On his way out of leaving the 49er's franchise as the best wide receiver ever, it seemed only right that Jerry Rice leave the up and coming Terrell Owens to be his protégé. Terrell Owens was able to distinguish himself as one of the top receivers within only a few years and the similarities between himself and Rice became ever more clear. It seemed as though the 49ers had a knack for producing stars, until people began to see Owens' flaw. His becoming extremely obnoxious and cocky which ultimately lead to his downfall to superstardom.

Owens and Rice are built very much alike. Terrell weighing in at 226 pounds standing 6 foot 3 inches and Rice at 200 pounds, 6 foot. These were two black athletes that were meant to play football. Their physical shape is unmatched throughout the league. In Rice's crest years of his career he would train by running 5 miles a day and lifting weights until he was blue in the face.

Terrell is much the same type of a workaholic as his physical build speaks for itself.

Being able to catch a football defines a wide receiver's job. Jerry Rice proved himself to be the best player in history to ever catch footballs and he did it for the 49ers. It only seemed right to make a few comparisons between him and Owens who is becoming known as one of the league's best and coincidentally playing in San Francisco. Owens is showcasing his abilities all over the field. He is able to pull down even poorly thrown balls with his long, muscular arms.

A player's explosiveness is something that can, literally, easily separate him from other players. Owens and Rice both have this quality. After reaching out and making the catch they, they can both...