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Suhani Patel



Scene One

News reporters asks Spencer Cole questions regarding to his life as a pop star

News reporter #1: Hey Spencer Cole we saw your concert and your fans went crazy. Can you please tell us how you felt on the stage?

Spencer Cole: I was amazed to see all my fans out there. Also I felt a little nervous at first, but then started to feel comfortable performing in front of people who enjoy my musk so much.

New reporter#2: What made you want to become a pop star?

News reporter#3: Was it a difficult journey?

News reporter#4: How did it change you as a person?

Spencer Cole: Wow! These are all really good questions and I could definitely tell you it was not easy at all. I had to overcome many obstacles to get to where I am today.

Scene Two

News reporters exit the stage and Spencer starts to talk into the microphone about his complications along the way

Spencer Cole: My journey began when I was a child.

I loved music; it was my passion. I paid more attention it than anything else. As I grew older and progressed on my music skills, I decided to try out for the John Letto Show. When it was my turn to give an audition I was scared, but after performing I thought I did amazing. I turned out to be wrong after hearing the comments of the judges. They were so harsh and easily told me "We're sorry, but you don't have enough talent to be on this show." I was shattered and thought I was not capable for music.

Scene Three

Spencer meets a really nice guy names Steve who gave him hope of pursuing his career

Spencer: (Sits down across from Steve)...