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Dear Mr. Bennett,

I have recently read that you are granting a large amount of money to a certain group of people to whomever you feel deserves it most. I understand that not everyone can possess the money, so I'm writing you to tell you that I feel the single women of this city deserve it most. Since you are not female, allow me to tell you how we live so you can put your self in our shoes. A lot of us can't remember the last time we had a meal, and whatever it was probably contained something so meager, it couldn't fill a mouse. To get food, I must use relief vouchers. The people who can afford food often give me dirty looks and talk down towards me, and even then living off the vouchers barely keeps me alive. My house is made out of earth and garbage found lying around so it's freezing every winter and smelly every summer.

It's also very cramped because I live with 6 people altogether. This also causes a lot of sicknesses but I can't do anything because I cannot afford any mixtures to help me recover. My clothes...well, I don't have 'clothes', I just wear flour sacks, bed sheets and old curtains sewed together. These are only a few factors I have to deal with everyday.

If us single women possess the money, we wouldn't live such horrible lives. You see, Mr. Prime Minister, single women need the money because we don't have anyone to support us financially, and we can't get work because women aren't allowed to work. Also, it is very difficult to find someone to support us because single women are looked down upon since they cannot support a family. For all these reasons, we live a very...