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Sometimes, when people feel restricted, they need someone to show them that life is inside of them, and that individuals can make all the difference in the world.

The movie presents David's fascination with the sitcom "Pleasantville" as a symptom of his yearning for a world where he won't have to deal with his parents' broken marriage, the threats of diseases, his potential future to end up as a failure. It ends up examining important issues of prejudice, rebellion, change and honor.

The author used contrast extremely effectively, from beginning to the very end of the film. At the start, David is portrayed as a nerd, while his sister on the other hand is shown as popular. This is the prime example of a character foil in the movie. Once they reach Pleasantville, the things that David and Jennifer experience are nothing alike to what they have ever done.

Another character foil is David's real mother and the one from Pleasantville. These two are complete opposites, but learn the same lesson, that life "is not supposed to be anything." The people themselves are contrasted to the real world, all of which are perfect. For David, the perfect world of Pleasantville is an escape from the harsh realities of his less-than-perfect life. With its white picket fences, wholesome family values, and stability, Pleasantville is a much more civilized alternative to the real world's economic upheaval, environmental turmoil, single-parent families, and bleak prospects for the future. The author also depicts extreme contrast changes through the world of color. Pleasantville has no emotion with everything always the same; that is until "Bud" and "Mary Sue" show them that life doesn't have to be monotonous and boring.

Freedom has the power to change the way the world looks. When the...