"Please Be Honest With Me Even If It Hurts Me" POETRY

Essay by Pacojaleb September 2004

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Please Be Honest With Me Even If It Hurts Me".

So many nights I sit all alone and and I think about you, wondering if you are ever thinking about me too. It is probably unrealistic to think that you might be thinking of me as much. In the silence of the night with the moonlight shining through my window the tears roll down my face because I care so much and in my heart I'm doubtful that you can feel the same. All I ever asked from you is that you give me honesty, even if hurts me.

Oh so long ago our paths ran into each others online, we chatted from time to time and you became my friend. After a while I started to feel things in my heart that I have never felt before. I started to care about you more than I thought it was possible to care about someone .

You never said that you cared for me, but sometimes I just do not know. Would you even care if I disappeared into nothing? The entire time that we were getting to know each other I've asked you time and time again to

Please be honest with me even if it hurts me,

I still need that from you.

I know that you have your life there just as I have my life here, and our lives keep us busy with our daily responsibilities, but when days pass and I do not hear from you my heart begins to ache and my eyes begin to fill up with tears once again. Sometimes I check my email just to see if I hear from you. I know that there were no promises made to me but if you truly care about me lease remember that...